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Boy, did Christmas come roughly on time this year! Because your ol' pal Bradwick found a case of these great old Star Knight tee's in an abandoned Kmart here in Minneapolis! 

This is my gift to the world! 

Impress your friends, Confuse your Family, and Baffle your co-workers with your knowledge and love of this bizarre bootleg toy!

And don't even pretend to not know what ''with IC SOUNDS" means because, you and I both know that Audio amplifier ICs (integrated circuits) are devices used within electronic circuits for audio applications. DUH! 

Shirt image is a whopping 12'' wide!

I'm guessing these were Screen Printed on a 100% ring-spun cotton “Indigo” Next Level 3600 t-shirt with water-based inks, but I'm not sure as the box just said "Blue type shurt" 

This does NOT come with gum!