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Santa Strikes! Holiday Trading Card Sets

Santa Strikes Trading Card Packs!

Why send greeting cards when you can send trading cards?

In 1965 GLORP Gum rushed to produce the nightmarish Santa Strikes! “Looking Card” set, created to terrify children out of the laps of the popular Coca-Cola Santa and into the arms of their newest creation, Cool Daddy Christmas. This plan backfired, as many children were so scared they refused to celebrate Christmas ever again.

These limited edition packs perfectly recreate the look and feel of the original Santa Strikes! “Looking Card” sets. Each pack includes five 2”x3” Santa Strikes! trading cards that tell a complete story, all packaged in a specially recreated wax-pack replica wrapper!

Note: I'm not allowed to put gum in these packages, but you can! Just leave a note at checkout and I will send your card packs unsealed so you can slip your own stick of gum in there before you stuff them in stockings!