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Glorpoids Destroy! Trading Cards

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In 1964 Glorp Gum jumped on the trading card bandwagon with their "Glorpoids Destroy!" looking card set.  

The card set told the story of mankind’s war against the Glorpoids, a race of bubblegum-like monsters who siphoned the guts from hapless humans to process into “chewable treats” for their people.

Glorpoid cards were considered a massive flop, as many children were confused by the idea of “looking cards”, and tended to stick with their preferred trading cards. The scarcity of these cards have made them highly sought after prizes to many wealthy collectors, and have never before been reprinted...... UNTIL NOW!

These limited edition card packs perfectly recreate the look and feel of the original cards. Each pack comes with:

4 Glorpoids Destroy! Looking Cards

1 Stick of Vintage Glorp Gum

1 Sketch Card by Bradwick McGinty

All wrapped in a specially recreated wax pack replica wrapper!