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GLORP SPOOKY PUKES! No. 7: Mr. Peepers!

Oh, is that a knocking I hear upon the fronted door of my most fancy house? Good heavens, it was! It appears that the super duper old timey tea cup I recently procured from the E of Bay has been dropped of by a postal worker! Let us unwrap it and inspect it now... Ah, PERFECTION! I will make a most expensively lavish cup of tea to sip upon, while I leave the most wondrous of feedback for the excellent Ebay seller; Stargate_fan69! TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BE MR PEEPERS!

Put this pin on your smoking jacket, Velvet suit, or in the catacombs below your lavish estate!


Mr Peepers is the 7th of 9 GLORP Spooky Pukes, a batch of handmade resin pins sculpted and produced right here at the world famous GLORP Gum factory in Minneapolis, MN.

Each pin is painstakingly hand painted with the most toxic neon paint on the market! Sure, the highly skilled GLORP engineers are slowly being poisoned by the noxious fumes, but let's not dwell on that.

This pin is about 1'' and looks cool as shit!