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BANNED COVER! Romantic 3-D Sci-FI Nightmare Goes To War #2

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BANNED by the distributor! Outlawed in Canada! But totally available right here for the first time! Why was this covered banned? You'll know it when you see it!

Do you like drawings of people with words floating around their head? Do you like romance? How about all that other stuff in the title of this comic? If the answer is anything other than "no," you've come to the right website, my conscientious comics consuming comrade!

Inside this shitting comic you'll find four stories that span all the great genres of literature!

Do you like real "in your face" sci-fi? Then the 3D tale of the GLORPOIDS is sure to jab you right in the ol' sci-fi eye!

Next up is a romantic tale that will leave your eyes full of water, your mind full of feelings, and chest full of heart juice. Two More For Loveis like no romance you've ever read before!

After that, we take to the skies! In a sweeping tale of the horrors of war and the chewing gum. It's The Glorps Will Getcha!

Then, for our final tale, we travel to an advertising agency where horrible people are doing horrible things so horrible you'll wonder if you truly like horror. It's Madvertising!


28 pages offset printed in the USA on glorious 60 lb uncoated paper with 100 lb gloss covers. These comics look, feel, and smell great! 

7"x10.25" and signed.

Offset printed in the USA!

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All GLORP shirts are printed on Next Level T-shirt blanks. Why do a lot of T-shirt places not tell you the brand of blanks they use? The answer is that they use cheap and ill fitting blanks. We don't use those. We use the best. Next Level apparel is an ethical and responsible company and they produce the absolute best T-shirt money can buy.

How are your shirts printed?

All GLORP shirts are screen printed with water-based inks and usually (depending on the color of the shirt) discharge ink. THIS IS NOT CHEAP PRINT ON DEMAND JUNK! Sure I could throw this stuff up on Threadless or some other POD site and make a quick buck, but I like you and I would rather spend the extra time and money producing my own quality stuff. I think you're worth it!

Cool... So what is discharge ink and why do I care?

Discharge ink is a water based product that is formulated to deactivate the dyes used on natural fabrics. Once the dyes are deactivated, eco-friendly water-based inks are used to essentialy re-dye the fabric. This allows for tighter registration (a more detailed image) and bright prints on dark fabric without any ink build up at all. This leaves you with a super soft T-shirt with a print that has almost no feel (after washing). This is great for you because the shirt doesn't fade and can breathe easily because the ink is inside the material and not sitting on top.

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I recommend machine washing in cold water, and turning the shirt inside out. (Although I've been washing my GLORP shirts in hot water since 2013 and they all look great!)

Do you offer wholesale pricing for retail stores?

GLORP is available for wholesale to some shops. Drop me a line through the contact page for details.

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Sure, we do that all of the time! Feel free to contact me through the contact page.