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GLORP Gum Chew (with FREE Let's Mosey T-Shirt!)

YEE-HAW there, pardner!

Mosey on up, and getcha one uh these here sherts. Heck, ya gotta cover up yer torso anyway, am I right? (SPITOOIE!) I meen, hail, I'm always out here, ah yellin' up a storm 'bout "free the nipple" and all that, but ain't no boday lissin' fer shit. So's ya gotta wear sumthin or yer back, when ya go buy yer 'bacca. Now don't go an get all excited, you nerd, I ain't talking about no space wars thing, this is chewin' ‘bacca, not that teen wolf lookin' feller. Anyway, mah name's Amanda and I'm real Cow-Lady, an If you like 1970's Cow Poke stuff, then this dang ol' shirt is fer you! The reason I'ma tellin' ya 'bout it is cause I met this feller, and he told me I got a good ol' way with words and all that, so's then he told me that I could get paid to write down mah talkin'. “Well,” I said, “shows me the money.” An he says, "Wow, see whut I mean? Someone could say that in a movie!" I says, “Well, good. Gimmee some money!” Then he goes on an on, bout W2's and IRS with-holdin's an all that kinda stuff, so I says “How ‘bout I just write a thing on the side o' mah horse and then you go show it around an if someone likes it they can jus put some money on the horse an when ya slap her on the bee-hin, she'll mosey on back ta’ me and I'll get the money?”

Wail, he didn't care much fer that idea, so he calls up this fancy time gum cump-nee and says, oh I dunno... buncha school type stuff, and BAMMY! Next thang ya know, I'ma on a plane headin' to the GLORP Gum factory to write some stupid horseshit 'bout a shurt on a kun-puter and I stail cain't believe my luck! BUY IT DAMMIT! Don't make me go back out on the range!

This durn 2-color shirt is printed on a 100% ring-spun cotton “Cream” Next Level 3600 t-shirt with water-based ink over discharge underbase, for the softest feeling shirt around, yee-haw!



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