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1970’s GLORP GUM Warehouse Toboggan Hat

Imagine, if you will, that it is February 3rd 1970’s and you’re a warehouse worker in the beautifully unheated GLORP Gum factory in scenic Minneapolis, MN.

Now, imagine that you look down and catch your reflection on the icy ground below as you brush the coal soot from your cheeks. You cannot help but notice the jaunty color of the orange toboggan hat that insulates your poor, overworked head.  

Now, imagine that it is right now, and you’re reading these words on the screen of the computer and asking aloud, “How can I bring the stylish couture of the 1970’s working class man or woman into my home?” Now stop imagining and realize that the answer is EASILY!

This extremely limited edition orange toboggan hat is an exact replica of the warehouse hats distributed to Glorp Gum warehouse workers in the 1970’s to solve the company’s rampant frostbite issue related to terrible working conditions.

The hat itself is a GAP brand 78% lambswool 22% nylon hat. Super nice, not some cheap gas station thing or anything like that.
Super limited! So get one while they last!