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BEHOLD! The greatest Halloween mask since Barb from Stranger Things is here!

This amazing one of a kind extremely limited edition mask is the greatest object ever created (yeah, you heard what I said, pyramids)!

Sculpted, cast, and painted by the insane mad man, Rob Benevides!

This is a Half Mask with fur back. Cast in extra thick Mask Making Latex and completely hand painted and detailed.

I really can't say enough cool things about this amazing mask!

US shipping is $22 via UPS (signature required upon delivery).

NOTE: This Item ships separately from all other items due to it's size. If you order other products it will ship separately than the mask.

NOTE 2: THE RETURN: This run is different than the first 2 editions. There is no dark shading and the finish is not high gloss this time. These are straight Neon with a traditional semi gloss finish! Just a heads up if you owned the earlier version! 

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