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Uh-oh. FANGLY has been drinkin' whiskey and Yoo-hoo while ridin' his skateboard again. Looks like he left half his face on the street this time too. Man, Fangly, when are you going to grow the fuck up and take over your father's lawn care business already?!

Slap Fangly on your jacket, bag, or whatever sensible thing your wear to the office everyday and let his banged up face remind you to have fun, but not TOO much fun. 

Fangly is the 6th of 9 GLORP Spooky Pukes, a batch of handmade resin pins sculpted and produced right here at the world famous GLORP Gum factory in Minneapolis, MN.

Each pin is painstakingly hand painted with the most toxic neon paint on the market! Sure, the highly skilled GLORP engineers are slowly being poisoned by the noxious fumes, but let's not dwell on that.

This pin is about 1'' and looks cool as shit!